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Manitoba Teacher Research Collective c/o

Heather Hunter and/or Lloyd Kornelsen

Faculty of Education

University of Winnipeg

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Teacher Research

Teacher research is done by, not to or for, teachers. Intentional and systematic inquiry provides critical insights for teaching and learning.  Being reflective in practice can make a positive difference for our students and our work. 



Teacher research: practical and relevant classroom inquiry ...






       "Teacher research stems from 

       teachers' own questions and seeks

       practical solutions to issues in their

       professional lives ... (T)he major 

      components are: conceptualization, in

      which teachers identify a significant

      problem or interest and determine

      relevant research questions;

      implementation, in which teachers

      collect and analyze data; and

      interpretation, in which teachers

      examine findings for meaning and

      take appropriate actions ...."

     -    The Nature of Teacher Research

      by Barbara Henderson, Daniel R. Meier

      and Gail Perry


"From Action Research to Collaborative Inquiry" 


"Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Subjects, 2014"

"Multiple strands of literature in education speak of the value and importance of teachers participating in education research. Two research traditions in particular, critical theory and narrative inquiry, argue that the teacher voice is critical and necessary in advancing understandings of education and the practice of teaching."

- "Researching Practice: Findings from Teacher Inquiry into the Implementation of the Grade 12 Global Issues Course in Manitoba" by Lloyd Kornelsen