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Manitoba Teacher Research Collective

c/o 1G03B Graham Hall

Faculty of Education

University of Winnipeg

515 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, MB    

R3B 2E9





























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Manitoba Teacher Research Collective 

Working Group (Chair)

Heather Hunter    -


mbtrc Editor

Paul Betts -


BTIP (Brandon Teacher Inquiry Project)

Tim Skuce    -


GTIP (Global Teacher Inquiry Project)  

Linda Connor    -

Lloyd Kornelsen    -


MTIP (Math Teacher Inquiry Project)

Rhonda Hawthorne -

Sherry Perih  -

Peter Andres -


 PIP (Parent Inquiry Project)

Sheri Skwarchuk    - 


STIP (Science Teacher Inquiry Project)

Michelene Reiniger    - 

Dawn Sutherland    -