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Faculty of Education

University of Winnipeg

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mbtrc reports


ALL FORUM participants are encouraged to write about their work  to help consolidate their own learning and to benefit others who are interested in innovative teaching ideas or the collaborative inquiry experience.  

Guidelines for report writing

Content should be organized around the following questions:

1. What was the driving question for the inquiry project/quest?

2. What was done to answer this question? Why?

3. What was learned from the inquiry project?

4.  How will this work continue?

The format is open-ended:

1. You are free to decide how to organize the content of your report.

2. Consider including numerous visuals and artifacts of learning, such as pictures, audio files and video files.

3. Two-pages is a guideline for the length of your report.  

4. The report can be written by an individual or group of teachers.

For more information, please contact:

mbtrc editor

Paul Betts


2019 Reports 


1. "Integrating Curriculum at the Senior Years" by Will Burton


2.  "Global Issues through Literary Lenses: Integrating Fiction in Social Studies Education by  Kristen Erickson


3. "How Do We Successfully Teach Collaboration in Early Years Mathematics using The Building Thinking Classrooms Framework" by Jillian Burdey and Danny Gomes


4. "A Collaborative Math Community: Building Successes from Classroom to Leaders" by Belinda Hammond, Dawn Gunter and Louise Caughell


5. "Learning to Support Independence and Collaboration Through Inquiry in a Middle Years French Immersion Classroom" by Heather Krieger



2018 Reports


1."Let's Talk Numbers" by Kelly May, Tina Wilts & Amber Ens 


 2. "Impactful and Intentional Teaching to Get the Most Out of Early Years Numeracy" by

      Belinda Hammond, Dawn Gunter & Louise Caughill 


3. "Differences in Elementary Student Engagement When Science Fair Projects

     are Chosen by the Teacher Versus When Projects are Chosen by Students" by Sandeep Bagri


4."Learning to Balance Instruction and Purposeful Play in a Multi-Grade Classroom" by Erica Rance 


 5. "The Struggle is Real" by Gary Jackson & Melissa Valka


6."Be an Upstander: Explorations in Project-Based Learning" by Graham Lowes


7. "Engaging Struggling Gr.9 Math Learners" by Michelle McLarty-Paul & Ellen Ward


8. "Reflections on the MTIP Experience, 2017-18" by Paul Betts, Ian Donnelly & Sherry Perih


9. " Teacher Inquiry Project: The Science Ambassadors Program" by Adrianna Sawchyn


10.  "Successfully Integrating Sustainability into our School Culture " by Kara Wickstrom-Street