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Manitoba Teacher Research Collective

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Faculty of Education

University of Winnipeg

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Mathematics Teacher Inquiry Project


Some examples of MTIP work:



Reflections on Leading the Mathematics Teacher Inquiry Project (MTIP) 

"Inspired by the success of the GTIP intra-sectorial teacher inquiry project, an inquiry process was developed to focus on the teaching of mathematics. Believing in the value of teacher inquiry as a model of professional learning, but uncertain how to proceed, we took a leap of faith. We floundered, we guessed, we went with the flow, and we flourished. MTIP is nearing the end of its second year, and it has already evolved. We will share our story: our uncertainties, decisions, goals, accomplishments and barriers, and what we have learned. It is our hope that this paper will inspire others to lead or participate in other teacher inquiry projects, and feel a little less uncertain as we have in our journey."

by Paul Betts, University of Winnipeg, Ian Donnelly, Manitoba Education and Training and Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, University of Winnipeg



Responding to Diversity in Early- Years Math Classrooms

"How can teachers engage all children to think mathematically while also responding to the diversity of their classrooms? This paper reports on two case studies of teachers responding to this complex question as part of collaborative teacher inquiries. Breanne and Lynnea offer their story of their evolving multi-age math program to respond to older children who struggle with mathematics. Iryna, with support from Sari, Paul, and the school support team, offers her story of engagement with non-routine problem solving, whereby she discovered the tenacity of the young mathematicians in her classroom. The paper concludes with a brief reflection on the role of collaborative teacher inquiry in the professional learning journeys of these teachers."

by Paul Betts, University of Winnipeg, Sari Rosenberg & Iryna Deneka, R. F. Morrison School and Breanna Treyturik & Lynnea Luna, Collicut School